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contact usAt some weddings, the bride and groom spend 2 hours on a sun-drenched hillside with their bridal party while their photographer painstakingly details each petal of the bridal bouquet, the matchy-matchy pashminas of the bridesmaids, and recreates a vintage scene with balloons and suitcases and 5 different poses of the bridal party. Meanwhile, the people closest to them in their lives are celebrating at the reception without them.; The good news is the photographer got the photos featured in an “Oh-So-Pretty-Weddings” blog so the Chevron theme will live on forever in the bride and grooms’ photos.

My clients find out halfway through wedding planning that it’s really one of the most stressful things they’ve ever gone through.& Besides the demands of trying to please people and the strain of budgeting, the only thing they can say with certainty is that they’d sure like to have some time to eat some of those delicious appetizers at their cocktail hour. They want photos that make them breathe in the day over and over and while they want photos of the details that they labored over, photos of people are more important to them. When they see that photo of their grandmother crying quietly during the dinner speech years later they will remember she smelled like Chanel. I want to make photos of your Uncle Joe telling that joke at the bar which you know was inappropriate and your Dad throwing back his head roaring with laughter.Take some time to look through my galleries and if the photos speak to you, contact me.

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